Decision support tool

The main output of S2S4E will be a user co-designed Decision Support Tool (DST) that for the first time integrates sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) climate predictions with RE production and electricity demand.

To support the dissemination of climate services, a pilot of the DST will be developed in two steps:

  • The first will draw on historical case studies pointed as relevant by energy companies - e.g. periods with an unusual climate behaviour affecting the energy market.
  • The second step will improve probabilistic S2S real-time forecasts built up into the DST and assess their performances in real life decision-making in these companies. This process will be co-designed with consortium’s partners which represent different needs and interests in terms of regions, RE sources (wind, solar and hydro) and electricity demand.

The operational DST will be available in September 2019. Until that moment previous developments of the RESILIENCE prototype are available.