The challenges in designing a forecasting tool for the energy industry


Creating an online forecasting tool for renewable energy is a huge challenge, with many people involved, contributing small pieces to build this large and complex puzzle.

In order to create an operational decision support tool for the energy industry, a collaborative effort of many experts in different fields is necessary. The initial part of the process involves understanding the needs of the users and the type of information that would be useful to them. The next step involves visualisation of the information in a way that is easy to understand and useful for users. The final challenge is then making the online forecasting tool operational.

In the following video, Isadora Jiménez from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center explains the main challenges faced in the S2S4E project when designing the Decision Support Tool (DST;, and how these were addressed.



Video and text by: Eilif Ursin Reed and Iselin Rønningsbakk / CICERO, and Andria Nicodemou / BSC.