S2S4E is a three-year project funded by the European Union H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
The project is led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain) and brings together 5 European research centres, 3 energy companies, 3 SMEs and a large consultancy firm.

The main objective of S2S4E is to make the European energy sector more resilient to climate variability and high impact events. This objective will be achieved through the investigation of the frontiers and the potential of S2S predictions, which will be turned into a novel decision support tool (DST).
This DST will be developed based on S2S climate predictions and tailored to users’ needs - mainly energy companies - following a user-centred approach.

The project will address the following six objectives:

  • To explore the scientific and technological frontiers of sub-seasonal predictions and their synthesis with seasonal predictions to provide useful information for decision making processes in the energy sector.
  • To advance the understanding of observational climate data sets.
  • To develop a framework to assess the economic benefits from using S2S predictions by using historical case studies.
  • Implementation of the Decision Support Tool (DST) and provision of updated real-time forecasts.
  • Build an interactive link with users to promote continuous improvement of the forecasts from the Decision Support Tool (DST) .
  • To understand how real-time S2S forecasts can be integrated into the decision making processes of energy market players and assess their potential impacts.