Teaching the young generation about renewable energy

S2S4E Drawing Challenge

S2S4E encourages children to learn about renewable energy through the Clean Energy Drawing Challenge launched during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The European Green Deal calls for a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050. This is only possible with a rapid transition to renewable energy, and giving up our fossil fuel dependence. The young generation will have to lead this transition in the near future. Teaching children about renewable energy is thus more urgent than ever. 

The S2S4E project, which provides climate services for the energy sector, launched the Clean Energy Drawing Challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, which encouraged children to submit their drawings on renewables. This challenge aimed to give the opportunity to children to learn more about renewable energy sources through a fun activity.

We received a number of inspiring submissions by children of all ages, which we share below. Thank you to all who participated!

Image by Queralt
Image by Lucas
Image by Arnau
Image by Zoe
Image by Ariadna
Image by Julieta


Written by Andria Nicodemou (BSC)