Clean Energy Drawing Challenge for Kids

PHoto by tim-arterbury-VkwRmha1_tI-unsplash

S2S4E is launching the “Clean Energy Drawing Challenge” for kids. Drawings on renewable energy will be shared on our project website and social media.

All over Europe, COVID-19 is disrupting and changing our everyday activities. Schools have been closing down, and parents face the challenge of entertaining children at home with educational activities. Many of us in the S2S4E team also face this challenge while working at home during this outbreak. For this reason, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to help children learn more about the weather, climate and renewable energy sources through our “Clean Energy Drawing Challenge”!

For the next month, you can ask your children to draw something related to renewable energy and the climate. If you work in the energy or meteorology sectors, you can use this opportunity to help children better understand how the energy system works, how clean energy is affected by weather, and that we should reduce our energy consumption to cut down on related emissions. If you are new to the topic, you will find some educational resources at the end of this article.

The best drawings will be published each week on the website and twitter page of the S2S4E project ( Through this challenge, kids will learn about renewable energy and at the same time, we will learn from their ideas, which may help us rethink renewable energies and climate sciences.

Who can participate: Children of all ages
Until when: 30 April 2020
Where to send: Send the art treasures by e-mail to (if you are working from home and you don’t have a scanner, you can take a picture with your mobile). You can send us more than one drawing.
Where to share: Feel free to also share the drawings on twitter, tagging the @S2S4E account and using the hashtag
Signature and age: An artist always signs their work! Make sure that the drawings include the first name and age of the artist (or include these details in your email).
By sending us the drawings, you authorize us to use and publish them on the S2S4E website and social media accounts, and any other material related to the project.


Below, you can find some resources on S2S4E and renewable energy for adults and kids.


Resources for adults:

Resilience, a video explaining the S2S4E project video

Renewable Energy 101, by National Geographic


Resources for older children:

Renewable Energy, by Bill Nye

What is Solar Energy?, by SciToons

What Is Energy, by 25SDA


Resources for young children:

Renewable Energies (song), by HiDino

Energias Renovables (song in Spanish), by HiDino


Written by Andria Nicodemou and Albert Soret (BSC)